Cornhill Community Action Group



Creating an Archive of Births, Marriages and Deaths for public access




Help us to record villagers' memories

Two training sessions (free)

equipment provided

Contact: Teresa 01890 883330

or Elizabeth 01890 882578



Photographs old and new of Cornhill for an archive and a photographer to work with the project.


Details on our Community Action Group Page


CPC Meeting

The next

Parish Council Meeting

will take place in the Village Hall on:

Thursday, 14th November 2019, at 6.00pm



Minutes of the Parish Council Meetings are available on our archive page

(Drop-down menu on the Parish Council page menu).


Community Walk

Details about the 6th Community walk can be found on our

"In and Around Cornhill" page


St Helen's Church

Latest Stained Glass Project update

on our St Helen's Page

Cornhill Community Action Group


Identifying and implementing projects that benefit the Parish of Cornhill-on-Tweed

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 A brief write-up about the recent Summer Fair

is available on the Community Group Page:



 Parish Council current financial statement is available

  on our

"Parish Council" page


 Plastic Packaging


You can help in the reduction of plastic packaging by signing a petition via a link on our "Community Page"


 Cornhill Festive Lights Project


Details on our "Newsletter" page

 Planning Notices

Visit the Planning Page via the Menu Link on our Parish Council Page

 Parish Council Accounts

Are available on our Parish Council Page

 OilCAN Community Oil Buying Scheme

 Run by Affinity and Community Action Northumberland

Not a Member:

Joining details, Current Oil Prices for Members
and full information on our

Community Page


 Superfast Broadband now available in Cornhill!

Full details on our Community Page


What's going on with our Ambulances?

Is a protocol on paramedic breaks endangering lives in North Northumberland?

Please share your view on our ambulance cover



Cornhill Community Page


How to Contact The Police

Emergency number:    999

Non-emergency number:   101

If you ring from a mobile your call will ping from the nearest mast, eg. if you are in Cornhill Village, the nearest mast is in Scotland.   Therefore the call will be answered by Police Scotland.     Whether phoning by land line or mobile, if you are in Northumberland, always ask for Police Northumbria.   In an emergency, Police Scotland may attend if they are nearest, until Police Northumbria arrive to take over.

Any delay caused to calls on the Northumberland side of the Border are due to the area code 01890 and TD postcodes which operate on both sides of the Border.   

The non-emergency number 101 will give a recorded message asking which Police Force you wish to contact.   You will then be put through to the correct one.

Police Officer Dan Perry 281 is still the officer operating in the local area, and can be contacted by email on: 


Home Library Service

Home Library Service Leaflet

The Home Library Service will deliver books directly to anyone who can no longer visit a library independently.


The above leaflet is available HERE (pdf)


Local library Telephone Numbers:

Wooler: 01668 282123

Berwick-on-Tweed: 01289 334051



OilCAN Community Buying Scheme

Run by Affinity and Community Action Northumberland

November 2019 OilCAN Price for Members: TD Postcodes: 45.69p Per litre + 5% VAT
The average price in the area for non-members: TD Postcode area: 49.98p + 5% VAT
November 2019 OilCAN Price for Members: NE Postcodes: 43.76p Per litre + 5% VAT
The average price in the area for non-members: NE Postcodes: 44.99p Per litre + 5% VAT

Supplier: Oil NRG

In the last few months the TD postcodes have been charged a higher price, but February saw a parity. We had this situation a few years ago, but the negotiators managed to get the prices similar.

I have complained to Affinity about this, and they have promised to try to get the prices back to the same for both postcodes.
Affinity is a national organisation, and I understand that there are price differences in other parts of the country, for instance, oil is cheaper in Essex than in Norfolk.
This is one of the snags of living out in the sticks! in spite of this, the syndicate is still undercutting average prices quoted in the area.
For more information, or to join the scheme, contact your local
Volunteer Co-ordinator:
Angela Hallam-Baker - email: or
Tel: 01890 820501


Litter Picking

The Parish Council continues to carry out litter picking on the two main routes This is mainly done by the parish councillors and clerk, but local residents are welcome to join the team. We document a risk assessment for each session, and wear high viz vests.   New ones have been obtained bearing the words “Parish Council Volunteer”, and the cost of these has kindly been donated by Cornhill Village Shop. Each time we do a litter pick we fill at least a dozen black dustbin bags, most of the litter having been thrown from passing vehicles.    You would be surprised what we pick up!

Details from the parish clerk –

or phone:  01890 820501.



Citizens Advice Service Details 


Citizens Advice Poster

Above image available as a PDF HERE 

War on Plastic Packaging:

I’ve just signed a petition calling on UK supermarkets to go plastic-free, and it would mean a lot to me if you’d add your name too!

From turtles entangled in six pack rings to whales with stomachs full of plastic bags, the effects of plastic pollution can be devastating.

UK supermarket Iceland has just announced its own-brand packaging is going plastic-free.

By ditching plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced.

Please join me in calling on UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging.

Sign the petition at:

Thank you!

Angela Hallam-Baker

Congratulations to Cornhill Village Shop for selling their goods in brown paper bags!



Superfast Broadband is now available in Cornhill!

Just to let you know that fibre broadband is now available from the cabinet in Cornhill on Tweed (near the junction with the Carham / Wark road).

Properties closest to the cabinet can benefit from download speeds of 80 Mbps and upload speeds of 20 Mbps and as the technology uses the existing copper connections between the cabinet and the properties these speeds will reduce over distance from the cabinet, but we believe all properties within the village itself will be able to benefit from the government defined ‘superfast’ speeds of 24 Mbps or above.

It is important to note however that the improved speeds do not happen automatically and if residents or businesses do not upgrade to a fibre based broadband service they will see no improvements. Services are available from a range of internet providers including BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, O2, EE and others, and our feedback is that many people have been able to upgrade at no extra cost, or in some cases actually saved money on the monthly payments. We have a comparison tool on our website ( which allows people to enter their postcode and phone number to see which deals are currently available – alternatively many people choose to just contact their existing provider to upgrade.

Village Hall image

Cornhill Village Hall

Craft Days & Unfinished Object

Indoor Bowls


Tuesday Club

Tillmouth Village Hall

Tillmouth Village Hall

  • Monday Evening: Billiards practice
  • Tuesday Evening:  Dog & Puppy Training classes at Tillmouth Village Hall: Email HERE or Telephone Stevie Braithwaite: 01890 840642

  • Thursday Evening: Billiards matches

  • Friday Afternoon: Carpet Bowls for Fun: 14.00 to 16.00 hrs.

  • Hire of Hall: Contact Susan Hales on 01890 882305
More details on the Tillmouth Village Hall page

St Helen's Church - Cornhill-on-Tweed Information and Service Times Link

 St Helens Church is now a collection point for the local Foodbank and Greyhound Rescue Centre. Please leave your donations of tinned food etc in the boxes provided.

Crookham Church URC

Donaldsons Lodge Methodist Church

Banner Donaldsons Lodge Methodist Church 










Local Events


Cornhill Village Hall 

Quiz Night

Last Friday

of every month


Cornhill Village Hall


Community Choir 2018

Enjoy singing?

Come along and join the Community Choir at Cornhill Village Hall


Tuesday Evenings

from 7.30 to 9 pm


More information from

Val Carr

The Vicarage, Branxton TD12 4SW

01890 820239


Cornhill Village Hall

Thursdays 12 noon

(Includes lunch, tea, coffee, and biscuits)

Everyone welcome. Transport available. 

For more information or to request transport, contact:

Jane at Bell View

01668 219220


Cheviot Centre 


Click HERE to see what's on at the Cheviot Centre this week, (External Link

Tillmouth Village Hall


Tillmouth Recreation Club


There is billiards,

bar billiards, darts,

table tennis etc.

If you don’t have transport it can be arranged too.

More information:

Phone 01890 882305.


Library Services

Library Services


The Northumberland CC Library provides a Monthly Mobile Service to Cornhill.

Dates and Times: HERE (pdf)


Home Library Service

Home Library Service Leaflet

The Home Library Service will deliver books directly to anyone who can no longer visit a library independently.


The above leaflet is available HERE (pdf)

or visit our Community Page


Local library Telephone Numbers:


Wooler: 01668 282123

Berwick-on-Tweed: 01289 334051


For general Library Service information, visit the County Council website

Council Links

The  Minutes of the Cornhill Parish Council meetings are available on the archive page.

Planning Notices








Citizens Advice Service

Contact details on our

"Community Page"


The County Council has introduced a new way of reporting potholes.

Information on how you can help by reporting potholes

on our Parish Council page

The Scottish Government

has introduced a licensing system for air weapons in Scotland.

From 31 December 2016, you will generally need a visitor permit to own, use, purchase or acquire

air weapons while in Scotland.

Visitor Permits are issued by Police Scotland.